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Trustworthy. Affordable. Simple.

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Technology Need

Not Be Complex 

Founded in 1994, Alternative Energy Solar has always been a trusted contractor by homeowners and business proprietors in and around Bakersfield, California. Aside from making solar power systems affordable, we do our best to make the technology behind it simple and easy to understand.

Easy, Practical, and Eco-Friendly Installations

Count on us to install energy-efficient systems in your homes, workplaces, farms, and factories without having to inconvenience anyone in the household or disrupt daily business operations. We do everything that we can to help you save on costs while following environmentally friendly work methods.

Our Mission

We are here to provide you with smart and energy-efficient power systems. Eager to share our knowledge and technical expertise, we’d like to make life more comfortable for you. Expect us to offer the same level of professionalism enabling your business to grow as you obtain a sharper focus on the things you do best.

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Learn why energy efficiency means more savings for you. Contact us today for consultations and technical assistance.

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